Photo by Katrina Cervoni

Photo by Katrina Cervoni

Lido Pimienta


Lido Pimienta  is a Toronto-based Colombian born interdisciplinary artist-curator and musician. She has performed,  exhibited, and curated around the world since 2002. Her work explores the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American Diaspora and vernacular.

In 2007, Pimienta created The Tiny Box Collective alongside Kyle Mowat and Toni Darling in London Ontario, the collective focused on marrying art, music and performing arts as a way to integrate the artistic community in the city. In 2010 supporting the release of her first album Color LP Pimienta toured Latin America, USA and Europe gaining international recognition not only as a music performer but as advocate for Women in technology and Arts and the reformation of immigration policies in Canada. In 2012  she created Bridges, a multi-disciplinary  festival featuring artists and musicians from South America and Canada working in similar ways as a way to break with Latin pre-conceptions. In 2013, she created Girl Talkz, a curated show featuring female-up-and-coming performing artists in Toronto.  In 2014 she created GlitClit - A dj collective alongside music partners Kvesche Bijons and Blake Macfarlane, now HIGHWORLD, this dj collective aims to integrate electronic and live music, opening doors to djs, mcs and performers outside of Toronto, as a way to integrate music communities in the GTA.

All of these projects are still active today.

You can follow Lido on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud @LidoPimienta