Food for Thought is a web series of conversations hosted by comedian and Associate Producer of Dark Nights, Joss MacNeil.

Each episode will feature a selection of special guests from the Toronto arts community who are invited to share their perspective on subjects related to integrity, accessibility and creative growth over home-cooked meals.

Join Joss as she and her guests tackle big questions, discover the perfect wine pairing for cranberry-brie chutney and begin redefining dinner table conversation.

Ep. 1

The premiere episode of Food for Thought sees Joss sit down with 3 of Toronto’s most exciting comics to discuss the highs and lows of their careers, the political power of minorities at the mic, and how one maintains creative integrity in an art form that is rarely acknowledged as such. Who said all comedians have to be bitter?

Featured Creators: Anasimone George, Chanty Marostica & Tracy Hamilton

Ep. 2: 

In Episode 2, Joss and her guests explore the relationship between creativity and disability, the societal pressures placed on those experiencing disabilities to be both educator and creator and the inaccessibility to creative spaces as a whole. What happens when differences are seen as an asset?

Featured Creators: TBA

Ep. 3: 

The next generation is coming to dinner! In the 3rd and final instalment of the season, Joss is joined by some very special (and tiny) guests to discuss what it means to be an artist, how to communicate one’s feelings through art and, of course, what makes an incredible cupcake? 

Featured Creators: TBA

Episodes will be made available on our Youtube channel.